Feature Requests

Post ideas for new features or functionality in PTAGIS software, the website, or the reporting tools


New pages, widgets, features, etc...

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03 Mar 2015

What is missing from current software releases....

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13 Feb 2015
New Reports

New reports..

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01 May 2014

Feedback & Questions

Use this forum to ask questions and to post comments or suggestions about the new website and reporting tools.

Website Questions and Feedback

Any questions you have about the website

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01 Aug 2017
Reporting Questions and Feedback

Reports questions/comments

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26 Jul 2016
Known Issues

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28 Feb 2014

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15 Jul 2015

Field Software

Ask questions and share solutions for using PTAGIS field software.


Questions or comments about field interrogation software such as MiniMon or M4

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10 Jun 2014

Use this forum for discussing current tagging software.

11 threads 33 posts Last post by PaulHuffman
31 Jan 2017

Questions or comments about PTAGIS utility software such as PIFF

2 threads 2 posts Last post by john
30 Jan 2014

Tag Distribution Inventory System (TDI)

Forum about the new web enabled system.

Tag Distribution General

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09 Sep 2013

PTAGIS Data Model

Proposed MRR Fields

13 threads 30 posts Last post by jocelynh
18 Sep 2014
Existing MRR Fields

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18 Sep 2014


A general forum to allow vendors and researchers to share information about PIT related technology and applications. NOTE: please contact a vendor directly for any technical support issues.

Technology and Applications

Information about PIT tags, readers, antennas and related applications.

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10 May 2016
Field Installations

Information about field installations using PIT technology.

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