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File Title

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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    13 May 2014
    Tiffani Marsh asks, "Now that we have a chance to escape the DOS limitations, are folks satisfied with being limited to 8.3 for file names?"

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  • John Tenney
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    02 May 2012
    21 May 2014 in reply to
    The current file name convention mandates the extension as a unique, 3 character identifier for the file. With M4 we pushed the unique identification into the file name and conformed to a well-known file extension of .xml which plays much better with the operating system and related programs.

    We also used '-' to help visually separate the file name components, for example: B2J-2014-141-P-005.xml. We could adopt a similar file convention for P4.
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