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Missing 384 tag codes

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  • John Tenney
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    02 May 2012
    30 Nov 2012
    Question from anonymous user:
    I have a minor problem….the minimon software did not get upgraded to the latest version our main computer until part way into the juvenile salmon outmigrant season. I began using PIT tags with a prefix 384., that is not recognized by the old minimon version, part way through the season before the software was upgraded. Is there any way to retrieve that data?  Is it stored anywhere besides the software files, like in a pre-filtered file somewhere? The transceivers have been erased, sadly, and this issue was not recognized until recently….is there any hope?

    There’s a chance the 384 records were stored in the MiniMon log files (as opposed to the data files). You can retrieve the log files from the local PC by going into the MiniMon installation directory and view the Logs folder. MiniMon creates new log files based upon a certain size, so you may have to go through multiple files. Once you have a log file opened, you might use a text editor to search for ‘384’.
    If you find any 384 records, they should have a system timestamp associated with them. You can contact Nicole Tancreto or myself to see how to format these records into a PTAGIS interrogation file and submit them.
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