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  • Sebastian Dudek
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    17 Feb 2012
    26 Mar 2014
    Tiffani Marsh suggests adding a Tag Type field.
    "Each tag type has it's own detection probability and characteristics.  We currently have no way to know what tag was used in a fish, and, therefore, our interpretations of the data could be biased.  For example, if 8.4mm tagged fish go through BCC, it looks like very few survived to there, when in fact it is more likely that a smaller percentage were actually detected than fish tagged with 12mm SST tags.  There may be multiple tag types used within a file, so this might be best as a code that can be attached to each record, not in a header."

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  • Scott Putnam
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    25 Oct 2012
    02 May 2014
    I strongly support Tiffani's suggestion to identify PIT tag characteristics such as size.
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