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Detection at two different mainstem sites

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  • Amy Cook
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    08 Jan 2013
    08 Nov 2013
    Can you tell me if or how I can create a query that will give me juveniles released at Lower Granite, detected at McNary and Bonneville with the results only containing fish detected at both McNary and Bonneville?  I have the separate queries to get fish detected at McNary and Bonneville but was hoping that PTAGIS could give me just the fish detected at both. 

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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    12 Nov 2013 in reply to cookamy
    Yes, you can do that by using the report that retrieves the fish detected at McNary as a filter on a report of the fish detected at Bonneville:

    1. Run your McNary detections report, but in the first step, remove all attributes except for tag code
    2. Save this report as unprompted and add "-static" to the end of the name (see attached screen shot for how to do this)
    3. Run your Bonneville report
    4. In the Index click on the filter labeled Tag - Saved Report (number 27 in the Interrogation Detail report)
    5. In the left-hand listbox, click on your username and then My Reports to see a list of your saved reports
    6. Move the McNary-static report you saved in step #2 to the right-hand list box
    7. Run the report
    This will give you results of fish released from Lower Granite and detected at both McNary and Bonneville.
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