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Problem uploading tag code files in query builder

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  • Tom Desgroseillier
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    25 Oct 2012
    18 Mar 2013
    When attempting to upload tag code files (txt) in query builder, the function has recently begun to 'time out.'  I began experiencing this problem on the afternoon of 3/15, prior the function had worked perfectly.  This is only a problem when attempting to upload files that have not previously been run through the query.  Those that were uploaded and run prior to 3/15 still work perfectly.  Suggestions?
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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    02 Apr 2013 in reply to Tom
    Just following up on our phone conversation about this issue to see if you had any luck figuring out what was causing this problem on your end. Please let me know if you are still having problems, or if everything is working as it should again.
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