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Species/Run/RT in Tagging Summary Report

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  • Dave Marvin
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    02 Nov 2012
    10 Apr 2013
    "Run" and "RearType" objects in Tagging Detail template retrieve both the object name and code; the "Species" object retrieves just the object name, in a column labeled "Species".  Explicitly selecting the Species name and code objects retrieves columns explicitly labeled "Species Name" and "Species" code.
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    Last modified on 10 Apr 2013 22:04 by Dave.Marvin
  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    10 Apr 2013 in reply to Dave.Marvin
    I have modified the report to show both the species code and species name attribute forms when you add the Species attribute to the grid. Thanks for letting us know about this oversight.
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