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Tag File Upload/Fail Notice

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  • David Venditti
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    14 Nov 2012
    25 Jun 2014
    First of all, I like the new format.  It is nice to be able to see the data summary.  Thanks!

    Is there a way I can add a recipient to these e-mails?  I'd like the notice to also go back to the trap tenders, so they can verify the tag files were uploaded or fix any problems and try again.
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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    25 Jun 2014 in reply to dvenditti
    I'm glad to hear you like the new notification format and we hope you find it useful.

    Notification emails are sent to the email address that submitted the tag files and to the data coordinator under which they are submitted. You will need to add new submitters to the authorized list and change the email address in the P3 upload settings.

    You can add anyone to the authorized list for your tag data project from this page, after logging in: They do not need to have a PTAGIS account; all we need to know is their name and email address.

    Once you have listed them as authorized, go into the Upload settings in the installation of P3 that they use to submit the files and enter that same email address in the Registered Email Address field (see screenshot). 

    Once these two items have been completed, notification emails will go to both you and the authorized submitter.
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