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Using Intersection vs. Union Saved Query

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  • Brian Maschhoff
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    13 Dec 2012
    25 Jul 2016
    I have a set of saved queries with Tag IDs and I wish to perform a query such that all detections matching fish with any of those IDs are included (with or without any additional filters). The logical choice would be the UNION. However, neither it nor the alternative (INTERSECTION) yield any results. Furthermore, the query generated for both is the same and is of the form "{Query 1} and {Query 2} and {Query 3} ...", suggesting to me that it is trying to find the intersection. If I chose UNION and include only a couple of saved queries, I do get a handful of detections that do appear to be the result of an INTERSECTION and not a UNION.
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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
    64 posts
    21 Feb 2012
    26 Jul 2016 in reply to bmasch
    The union of saved reports should work as you described. Can you send me the names of the saved reports you are trying to use so I can investigate this issue? Also, which report is your end result - interrogation detail, interrogation summary, or complete tag history?

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