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Guidance for P3 technical support

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  • John Tenney
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    02 May 2012
    25 Oct 2012
    If you're having issues or questions about P3 tagging software this is the most efficient way for us to support you.

    Please follow these guidelines when posting technical support issues:
    • View other forum posts in this section to see if your questions is already answered.
    • Use a descriptive title when posting a new thread that identifies the problem you're having.
    • If you're encountering a runtime error with the software, please write down the steps that caused the errors and enter the full message or attach a screen shot of the error .
    • To capture a screen shot of the software or error message, you can do an Alt-PrtScn and paste into the Paint program -- or if you're running Windows 7 use the Snipping Tool feature.
    • Please mention the version of the software and operating system in the post.
    • If the issue seems related to a tagging file, please attach the file to the thread.

    We will do our very best to answer your problems as soon as possible.

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