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recapture duplicates

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  • frank mullins
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    03 Dec 2012
    02 Jun 2014
    When we recapture fish in the field occasionally the Condition Comment "RE" isn't put in to the file.  When these files were uploaded in the past I would get an email telling me which tags were duplicates.  I no longer get this email, in the email that says the file was uploaded it says "File contains duplicates".  Good to know, but if I don't know which tags are dups I can't correct my mistake.  I am sure this has been answered 47 times in 15 different places but I can't seem to find it.
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  • Nicole Tancreto avatar
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    21 Feb 2012
    02 Jun 2014 in reply to fmullins
    We have created some reports that you can use to find duplicate records and view details about them. You can find this reports in 
    Advanced Reporting - Standard Reports - QA/QC
    - Duplicate Tag Details by Filename shows you information about the duplicate tags found in a particular tag file.
     - Duplicate Tag Summary shows you all the duplicate records (from 2007 on) for a particular tag data coordinator; you can drill from this report to see the details for each file.

    We are also working on enhancing the automated notifications to provide more information about rejected tag files and those that have duplicate tags. 
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