Oct 24, 2012

Public Release of the New PTAGIS Beta2 Website

We are pleased to announce a public release of the PTAGIS Beta2 website. 

The previous version introduced a new website layout and reporting tools. It was released to a small focus group of about 20 PIT tag community members, who provided valuable feedback. Beta 2 shows the new look and feel, hones the reporting features and includes beta service applications for requesting SbyC Projects, and new Tag Projects and Coordinator IDs.

Our goal is to create a website that offers the services you are used to finding when you visit the PTAGIS Web Portal, along with new features that make querying PIT tag data, submitting requests, and finding information easier.

This release is your opportunity to try out the new reporting system, using the provided tutorials and documentation to get started, and let us know if it will meet your needs as we transition from one system to another. Our beta test program plays a key role in the development of the new website. We encourage you to go through the site, try out the available features, and leave us some comments and suggestions; we need your feedback to provide features that will be useful to the community. Please create an account (your current Web Portal account will not transfer to the new site). We look forward to your feedback.