Dec 04, 2012

Recent Updates to PTAGIS Beta Website and Reporting

Complete Tag History Quick Report

To address some requests to add attributes to the Complete Tag History quick report, we have created another version of this report, which is now live on the Beta website. The primay change involves displaying the Recapture, Observation, and Mortality information in a summary grid, as well as observation and recap/mort detail grids. Please try out the new report and give us some feedback in the forums.

Query Builder 2 Reports

We recently changed the prompt for date filters in the Query Builder 2 reports. There used to be separate prompts for a Start Mark Date and and End Mark Date, for example. These have now been moved to one prompt called Mark Date. With this new prompt you can specify the type of date filter you would like to use, such as Between, Greater Than, Lesser Than, etc.
New Date Filter in Query Builder 2 Reports

Using a Saved Report as a Filter

 If you have recently attempted to use a saved report as a filter on tag code in the Query Builder 2 reports, you probably received an error when running the report. We apologize for the inconvenience, and would like to report that this functionality has been restored. If you would like to try this feature, you should create an entirely new report to use as a filter, and not use one of your already saved reports. The report should contain tag codes only, and needs to be saved as a static report, without the prompts.

To learn more about this feature, please see How To Use a Saved Report as a Filter on Tag Code on the Documentation page.