Jul 03, 2013

P3 Version 1.5.4 Released

Version 1.5.4 of P3 contains the following bug fixes:

  1. Corrected the formatting of Additional Positional Comments when importing into P3 from a tag file. Older versions of P3 would trim white space causing the positions to be altered when imported back into P3 from a file.
  2. Corrected the link to P3 on the Web to point to the new website. This link is accessed from Help menu.

This release also includes the update from version 1.5.3 that provides additional support for downloading tag codes from one or more files stored on a Biomark HPR reader. This release of P3 was tested with HPR firmware version 1.07rc9 using Legacy Serial mode.

To restrict the download to a specific file on the reader, you will need select Download this File option and enter the entire file name as shown below. The reader must be set to output tag codes in the traditional hexadecimal format. Only tag codes will be imported into P3 from a file; other data attributes such as date/time and geocode will be ignored.

Another option for importing data originating from an HPR reader is to use P3’s Import CSV/Text File, for tags that have been download from an HPR reader using another application or directly to removable media. The file format output from an HPR reader requires some processing to make it compatible with the P3 text-delimited import feature. One method requires the use of a text editor that supports Block Select Mode or Rectangular Selection so that tag codes can be selected in a columnar fashion as shown below. Once the tags are selected, copy-and-paste them into a separate file that will be used for importing into P3.

Here are a few text editors available that support this type of selection mode:






Hold ALT key while selecting with mouse



Enable ‘Block Select Mode’ from the Configure menu