Jul 11, 2013

QA/QC Reports Now Available

Several new QA/QC reports are available in the Standard Reports section of the advanced reporting tool. These were created to help data contributors check their data submissions. Please try out these reports and contact us if you have any suggestions for improvements or additional reports that would be helpful.

Tagging QA/QC Reports

The four reports that deal with tagging data each include data going back to 2007 and require only that you select the coordinator in which you are interested.
  • Duplicate Tag Summary - Displays files with duplicate records and allows you to drill into details to see the original tag record alongside the duplicate record.
  • Release Date Earlier Than Mark Date - Displays files where the Release Date value is earlier than the Mark Date value.
  • Release Dates out of Range - Displays files where the Release Date is before 1986 or after today's date.
  • Release Info Missing - Displays files for which no release information has been provided.

Interrogation QA/QC Reports

There are two reports that show the status of interrogation file loads.
  • Interrogation File Load Overview - shows the number of files loaded within the last 24 hours for every active interrogation site. It also shows the maximum gap between files and highlights it if it is greater than zero. You can drill into details by clicking on a site code.
  • Interrogation File Load Status report allows you to select one or more interrogation sites and view a list of the successfully loaded files that were created within a specified time period (default time period is Last 3 Days).