Jun 06, 2014

A General Community Forum for PIT Technology

A new forum titled PIT TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS (http://www.ptagis.org/community/forums) was recently added to the PTAGIS website to allow vendors and researchers to share general information such as:

  • Availability of new technology and firmware upgrades for use in the Basin
  • Clarification or comparison of technologies
  • Discussions related to antenna design
  • Innovation and lessons learned from field installations

 The new forum has the typical requirements of the other forums in that a PTAGIS account is required to post but anyone can read the threads. Postings can have attachments such as PDFs and images and include hyperlinks to additional information on other websites. Account holders can subscribe to a thread to be notified by email when new posts are added.

A few disclaimers regarding this forum:

  • Please contact a vendor directly for any technical support requests
  • The discussion of any new or existing technology should not imply it is endorsed or supported by PTAGIS or PSMFC
  • The forum is created on a trial basis for the benefit of our community and we will do our best to monitor it for misuse
  • All content, information and opinions presented in this or any other PTAGIS forum are those of the authors of the posts and not necessarily PTAGIS/PSMFC staff
  • We reserve the right to delete any posts considered inflammatory or inappropriate (play nice people)
  • We may consolidate, partition or eliminate some forums in the future based upon usage and applicability to the community