Apr 20, 2015

Spatial Data for PTAGIS Sites Now Available

In collaboration with the PSMFC GIS Data Center, PTAGIS has published a spatial dataset for interrogation and MRR (mark/recapture/recovery) sites. This dataset contains all previously and currently active interrogation sites, and all MRR sites that are not archaic and for which reliable location information exists. It will be updated on a quarterly basis to incorporate newly registered sites.

MRR sites are shown as three shape types: points, lines and polygons. All sites are shown as points, but those sites which are better represented as lines or polygons, are also contained  in separate layers using the appropriate geographical type. A good portion of the MRR sites defined in PTAGIS are streams or stream segments and these can now be visualized as such on digital maps. Likewise, lakes and avian colonies can now be shown as polygons.

The spatial dataset is available via an online web map, through REST services, or via download in ESRI file geodatabase format. Please see the GIS Data page for links to these sources, and to review the FGDC compliant metadata for each available layer.

The PSMFC GIS Data Center created this dataset starting from geographic coordinates provided by PTAGIS. In the process, all locations were reviewed and updated as necessary. If you see any locations that appear to be incorrect, please contact us