Jun 19, 2015

New Website Features

The system maintenance completed on June 18 included ​updates to two features on the PTAGIS website:

Request New Validation Codes

A new web form is available for PTAGIS users to request new validation codes for addition to PTAGIS. Registered users can use this form to request new Capture Methods, Flag codes, Hatcheries, MRR Sites, Organizations, Data Projects, Species, Tagging Methods, and Tag Code Masks. You can find the Request New Validation Codes form under the Services menu.

Clip File Downloads

A new tool for downloading clip files is now available. You can now search for vials by TDI Request ID, partial vial number, or one PIT tag code. You can also choose from two download options:
     1. one text file per vial
     2. one CSV file ​that contains all selected vials

You can find the Clip File Downloads page under the Services menu.