Aug 10, 2016

Upcoming P4 Release Requires Changes to Data Loading Process

PTAGIS will release P4 in a public beta this fall (see the July newsletter for more info), which requires switching to a new database and data loading process. These server and database changes, which will occur on August 16, should be transparent to PTAGIS data users, but data contributors will see new notification emails after the changes have been implemented. No changes to P3 data file submission are required at this time. 

The new notification emails have a subject line that starts with the words Tagging file followed by the name of the file and the file's load status. There are five possible load statuses (Loaded, Corrected, Provisional, Rejected, and Failed). An image of the new notification format is below.

New Notification Email

Clicking on the status value (Loaded in the above example) will open a report in the default web browser that shows more details about the file load status.

MRR File Load Status

On Tuesday, August 16, data file processing will be paused for several hours while the new systems are put into place. Following successful implementation, data contributors will start to see the new notification emails arrive in their inboxes as files are processed. Please contact with any comments or questions.