• Aug 21, 2017

    Changes Coming to Complete Tag History Reports - Update

    As part of ongoing upgrades to PTAGIS related to the release of P4 and implementation of the MRR data model, the Complete Tag History Quick Report and Query Builder 2 Report will map the Tag/Event values from P3/P4 files differently for the following attributes: Event Date, Event Site and Event Site RKM. New attributes will be added called Event Release Date, Event Release Site and Event Release Site RKM, which will report the Release values from P3/P4 files. These changes, originally scheduled for August 30, have now been moved to September 7.
  • Aug 03, 2017

    P4 Version 1.17 Now Available

    Version 1.17 is now available to download from the P4 page. This release includes several small enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Jun 23, 2017

    PTAGIS Newsletter for June 2017 Now Available

    A new issue of the PTAGIS newsletter is available for download.
  • Jun 12, 2017

    P4 Version 1.16 Now Available

    Version 1.16 is now available to download from the P4 page. This release is primarily a bug-fix release, but does include a few new features and enhancements.
  • May 24, 2017

    P4 Version 1.15 Now Available

    This release of P4 contains many features that were requested during the training sessions held earlier this year, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Apr 14, 2017

    New Feature in P4 v1.14 May Change How Digitizer Map Functions

    If you use digitizer tablets to collect data with P4, you may need to check your digitizer maps to ensure they are still functioning as you expect. Version 1.14 included a change to how the Set Multiple Field Values digitizer command handles setting values in comment fields (e.g. Text Comments, Conditional Comments).
  • Mar 07, 2017

    P4 Webinar Video Now Available

    A video of the P4 training webinar is now available to stream or download from the tutorials page.
  • Feb 28, 2017

    P4 Version 1.14 Now Available

    Version 1.14 of P4 is now available for download.
  • Jan 18, 2017

    Portland P4 Training Rescheduled

    The Portland P4 training has been rescheduled to Monday, February 6, 2017, at the Doubletree Lloyd Center.
  • Dec 21, 2016

    P4 Training Registration Now Open

    Registration for P4 training is now open. Space is limited in these sessions, and registration is required to attend. There is no cost to attend.