Date requested: 2/1/2018 1:09:37 PM

Requester: Tiffani Marsh

Requester email: tiffani.marsh@noaa.gov

Request status: Approved

Action and Files
Target group Site Action Tags for Action Total Tags Released Start Date End date Additional Info
Bull trout previously PIT-tagged at the Lower Granite Dam adult trap GRA Collect all 10 10 3/1/2018 11/19/2018
Title: Investigating the origin and migration patterns of bull trout encountered at Lower Granite Dam
Project Lead: Tiffani Marsh
Agency: NMFS
Project Number: NA
Funding Agency: NOAA
Project Objectives: Determine the origin and migration patterns of bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) passing Lower Granite Dam.
Study Description: At both the Lower Granite Dam juvenile fish facility and the dam’s adult trapping facility, fish migrating downstream and upstream, respectively, are collected as they pass the dam. The collected fish are used by various entities (e.g., NOAA Fisheries, WDFW, IDFG, NPT) for multiple purposes (e.g., PIT-tagging for multiple studies, morphometric data collection, brood stock). While the target species are salmonids, bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) are occasionally collected as well. All bull trout collected, whether at the adult trapping facility or the juvenile fish facility, will be injected with a PIT tag. In addition, a fin clip will be taken and preserved for evaluation. The PIT tag data will be uploaded to PTAGIS, and the fin clip will be sent to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services’ Vancouver office for analysis. To gather information on growth rates of the bull trout passing Lower Granite Dam, we will collect fish tagged in previous years, should they ascend the dam's ladder again. To-date, we have PIT-tagged a total of 10 bull trout between 2016 (9) and 2017 (1). Those 10 tag codes will need to be entered into the SbyC system for the Lower Granite Dam adult trap, and we will need to collect all.
Juvenile Description:
Smolt-to-Adult Ratio:
Collection Efficiency:
Adult Description: The collection of untagged bull trout is opportunistic, utilizing bull trout obtained from the collection of fish for the various research, monitoring, and brood stock activities at the Lower Granite Dam juvenile fish facility and adult trapping facility. All untagged bull trout will be injected with a PIT tag. The PIT tag code will be entered into a computer, along with information on fish condition and the location, date, and time the fish was tagged and released. This information will be uploaded into the regional PIT tag database (PTAGIS 1996-present) and sent to the Spokane office of the USFWS. In addition, a fin clip will be taken for genetic analysis. The fin clip will be placed in a vial with preservative. The fin clips will be sent to the USFWS Vancouver office for analysis. Tracking of the PIT-tagged bull trout and application of the genetic analysis will be handled by the USFWS Spokane office. Previously PIT-tagged bull trout captured at the trap will only have morphometric data collected before being released back to the ladder.
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