Date requested: 2/26/2018 12:58:00 PM

Requester: Debbie Milks

Requester email: deborah.milks@dfw.wa.gov

Request status: Approved

Action and Files
Target group Site Action Tags for Action Total Tags Released Start Date End date Additional Info
Lyons Ferry onstation subyearling fall Chinook Transport Monitor 20,000 20,000 5/21/2018 12/31/2018
Title: Performance Evaluation of PIT tagged subyearling Chinook released at Lyons Ferry Hatchery 2018
Project Lead: Debbie Milks
Agency: WDFW
Project Number:
Funding Agency: LSRCP
Project Objectives: The objectives of this study are multifaceted. The main objective is to use these PIT tags to estimate adult returns to the Snake River. To do this the fish must be put in monitor mode so they represent the whole release of subyearling fall Chinook from Lyons Ferry. Returns will be used to document return timing as well as assist with inseason return estimates. These fish will also be used to determine the extent of their straying above LGR Dam and their fallback rate at LGR Dam. If funded, as adults these fish may be diverted into the LGR trap for a radio tagging study to test homing abilities (another study).
Study Description: Currently yearling fall Chinook released at Lyons Ferry Hatchery are in monitor mode. The addition of the subyearlings to this will allow all onstation fall Chinook releases to be monitored and returns evaluated.
Juvenile Description: subyearling fall chinook, Snake River Stock hatchery origin, ESA Threatened, broodyear 2017, scheduled for release late May or early June 2018 from Lyons Ferry Hatchery at 12:00pm. WDFW staff will tag approximately 20,000 of our 200,000 release.
Smolt-to-Adult Ratio: The 20000 PIT tags to represent 200,000 fish. We will compare SAR estimates of CWT tagged fish with SAR estimated based solely on PIT tag detections at return.
Collection Efficiency: No. That is not the focus of the study.
Adult Description:
Certify: True