Date requested: 3/6/2018 2:46:38 PM

Requester: Matt Belnap

Requester email: matt.belnap@idfg.idaho.gov

Request status: Approved

Action and Files
Target group Site Action Tags for Action Total Tags Released Start Date End date Additional Info
USR Steelhead from Hagerman National Fish Hatchery Transport Monitor 15,026 21,465 3/19/2018 7/31/2018
Title: Monitoring Upper Salmon River A-run Steelhead Reared in Circular Tanks
Project Lead: Matt Belnap
Agency: IDFG
Project Number:
Funding Agency: USFWS
Project Objectives: The proposed PIT tagged release group is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of rearing juvenile Steelhead in circular tanks. Circular tanks were initially installed at Hagerman National Fish Hatchery in 2014 so this will be the fourth consecutive cohort of Steelhead releases to be raised in them. Juvenile survival rates and adult returns from the brood year 2017 group raised in the circular tanks will be compared to similar metrics for fish reared at the same hatchery in traditional raceways. When collected, approximately 30% of the releases will be bypassed to evaluate juvenile survival and 70% will be handled the same as the run-at-large
Study Description: Hagerman National Fish Hatchery reared Upper Salmon River A-run Steelhead to be released at Sawtooth Hatchery in 2016. This is the fourth group of Steelhead reared in the circular tanks at Hagerman National Fish Hatchery to evaluate their effectiveness compared to Steelhead reared in traditional raceways. There will be 21,500 PIT tags used within both groups combined to evaluate the performance and survival of the group reared in circular tanks (treatment group) versus those in traditional raceways (control group).
Juvenile Description: Species: Steelhead Stock: Upper Salmon River A ESA Status: Threatened # of PIT tags: 21,500 Release Date: April 2018 Release Site: Upper Salmon River at Sawtooth Hatchery
Smolt-to-Adult Ratio: Approximately 70% of the PIT tags released will be used to monitor the SAR of the run-at-large
Collection Efficiency: Approximately 30% of the PIT tags released will be used to monitor collection efficiency and estimate juvenile survival.
Adult Description:
Certify: True