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BCC - BON PH2 Corner Collector

Bonneville Dam 2nd Powerhouse Corner Collector Outfall Channel

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Nicole Tancreto
(503) 595-3100


Don Warf
(509) 735-2773


Operational Dates

Year Start Date End Date Notes
2014 3/17/2014 12/15/2014 Site was dewatered August 31-November 13
2015 2/13/2015 9/1/2015 Channel was dewatered February 24-March 10. Channel was dewatered for the year on September 1.
2016 3/5/2016 8/31/2016
2017 3/30/2017 9/1/2017
2006 4/13/2006 11/21/2006 New installation. First year. Opened for the season at 0815 on 13 April. The channel was shut down for the season around 16:00 PDT on 8/31/06. However, PIT tags were somehow detected through noon on September 1. The bypass channel was unexpectedly re-watered at 10:45AM on November 15, to pass trash and debris in the BON-PH2 forebay. The PIT tag system was re-activated at 11:30am on Nov. 16. The bypass was dewatered at ~8:30am on Nov. 21. The PIT tag detector was active during this interval, but no tags were detected. The B2CC was watered up between 12/21-26/06 to pass debris during ladder dewatering; the PIT tag detector was not activated during this interval.
2007 3/1/2007 8/31/2007 The Corner Collector channel watered up on March 1, 2007. The channel was dewatered for the year on August 31.
2008 3/6/2008 9/1/2008 The Bonneville PH2 Corner Collector channel (B2CC) watered-up briefly a few times between late February and early March to pass debris, but was not operated consistently, nor was the transceiver initialized, until March 6. The Corps regularly dewatered the B2CC between March 6-21 to allow researchers to get to their equipment. The B2CC was dewatered, and the BCC transceiver disabled, between March 21 at 13:35 and March 24 at 9:04. The B2CC was dewatered at the end of the fish passage season on September 1.
2009 4/3/2009 9/3/2009 The BCC flume watered up on April 3 and operated without operation until Sept. 1, when dewatering activities began. The flume was fully dewatered on Sept. 3.
2010 3/14/2010 8/31/2010 The corner collector flume watered-up for the 2010 season on March 14. It was shut down for approximately 20 hours from 10:40 on March 16 until 7:00 on March 17. The flume was dewatered for 54 hours from 6AM PST on April 20 until noon (PST) on April 22. The flume was closed for 20 hours from April 26 at 12:30 PM (PST) to April 27 at 9:45 AM due to a broken BGS cable and no boat protection. The flume was dewatered at the end of the spill season on August 31.
2011 3/3/2011 9/1/2011 The B2CC was open from 0731 until 1547 on 09 February to flush debris; the PIT tag detector was not active during this brief interval. B2CC watered up for two days, March 3-4, for kelt fallback testing; the BCC transceiver was active during these tests. The B2CC flume was then dewatered from March 4 until March 14. The BCC channel was dewatered for the season on September 1.
2012 3/19/2012 9/16/2012 The channel watered up on March 19 and was dewatered on September 16.
2013 3/1/2013 10/31/2013 Channel was watered down between September 1 and October 11. It was operated intermittently from October 11-31 primarily at night to facilitate USACE repairs and PIT tag anntenna testing.
2018 4/7/2018 8/31/2018
2019 4/9/2019 9/1/2019

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Start Date: 4/8/2006

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