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BDP - Biddle Acclimation Pond

The interrogation site is installed within the outlet of a private pond that flows into Wolf Creek, approximately 1.5 Rk from the confluence with the Methow River and 1.4 Rk upstream of site WFC (-120.234197, 48.4889) in Winthrop, Wa. The outlet from the acclimation pond is approximately 208 ft. long and approximately 3 ft. in wetted width. Three PIT tag detection systems are set in series within the outlet. The detection systems are comprised of three model 2001F-ISO portable, PIT tag detection units using 24 X 24pass-through antennas. The interrogation systems are intended to monitor juvenile escapement, in-pond and smolt to smolt survival. The systems are operational during juvenile acclimation and dates vary by year depending on environmental conditions. Typical times of operation for this site are March 15 to June 1. Site was removed after the 2018 release is not scheduled to be used in the near future.

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Cory Kamphaus
(509) 548-9413


Rick Alford
(509) 996-9857


Operational Dates

Year Start Date End Date Notes
2014 No data received.
2015 No data received.
2016 3/23/2016 5/25/2016
2017 No data received.
2010 3/26/2010 6/3/2010 Fish transferred into pond on March 26. Volitional release begaon on April 19.
2011 4/14/2011 5/8/2011 Antennas 2 and 3 did not record any tags for about an 1.5 hours on April 21 due to full buffers. Antennas 2 and 3 did not record any tags between May 2 at 17:00 and May 3 at 12:10 due to power loss.
2012 There were no releases from BDP in 2012 due to persistent, thick ice cover; so no data.
2013 No data received for 2013.
2018 4/5/2018 5/29/2018

Current and Historic Site Configurations

Config Seq: 100

Start Date: 3/1/2010

End Date: 5/29/2018

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