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PRH - Priest Rapids Hatchery Outfall

This site is a permanent PIT tag detection system located in the Priest Rapids Hatchery outfall channel. The site is located just upstream of the typical point of inundation in the channel. All juvenile fish released and adults returning to the Priest Rapids Hatchery pass through the channel and the detection site. The site consists of six antennas in series, installed in pass-through configuration. Each antenna spans the wetted width of the channel. The antennas were built and installed by WDFW. The site is powered by a photovoltaic array. A Campbell Scientific CR-1000 and cellular phone modem are also installed at the site. Two temporary antennas may be installed upstream of the permanent array during extreme high water events.

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Jay Deason
(509) 664-3148 x22


Matthew Stilwater
(509) 664-3148


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Operational Dates

Year Start Date End Date Notes
2014 1/1/2014 1/1/2014
2016 1/1/2016 1/1/2017 Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2015 1/1/2015 1/1/2016
2017 1/1/2017 1/1/2018 Start and end dates based on timer tags.
2012 5/16/2012 12/4/2012 Site installed on May 16. Site down on December 4, due to low solar power conditions.
2013 5/23/2013 1/1/2014 Site became operational on May 23. Site was out of service from July 2 - August 29. Site operated without interruption for the rest of the year.
2018 1/1/2018 1/1/2019 Start and end dates based on timer tags.

Current and Historic Site Configurations

Config Seq: 110

Start Date: 5/19/2017

End Date:

Config Seq: 100

Start Date: 5/6/2012

End Date: 5/19/2017

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