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SUN - Sunnyside Instream Array

The Sunnyside instream PIT tag array is located 600M below Sunnyside dam on the Yakima river. The instream portion of the array consists of 16, 20ft PVC and HDPE flat plate antennas anchored to the substrate using M4 earth anchors. Antennas and enclosures were constructed by WDFW and Yakama Nation Fisheries. The upstream row has 8 antennas spanning the wetted width of the river during most flow conditions. The downstream row was initially installed with 3 antennas (09, 0A and 0B); the remaining 5 antennas were installed October 2016. In July of 2018, all 8 antennas on the upper row were replaced with 4 inch, 20 ft HDPE flat plate antennas. The antennas are powered using ACN readers located just below the antennas in submersible enclosures. The Qube lite is located in a job box adjacent to a BOR building used for monitoring river conditions. On 10/22/2018, the Qube was upgraded to a Qube 2.0. Grid power is used to run the site.

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David Lind
(509) 945-1052


Zack Mays
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Year Start Date End Date Notes
2015 11/4/2015 1/1/2016
2016 1/1/2016 1/1/2017 Start and end dates based on file open and close dates.
2017 1/1/2017 1/1/2018 Start and end dates based on file open and close dates. File gaps: March 30 - April 11, May 1 - October 5.
2018 1/1/2018 1/1/2019 Start and end dates based on file open and close dates.

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Config Seq: 110

Start Date: 10/13/2016

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Config Seq: 100

Start Date: 10/28/2015

End Date: 10/13/2016

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