PIFF Release Notes

  • PIFF Version 2.6

    Released 09/04/2018

    Improved error reporting to help with diagnosing upload issues,
  • PIFF Version 2.5

    Released 3/20/2018

    • Added ability to replace Antenna ID and Transceiver ID values
  • PIFF Version 2.4

    Released 2/23/2018

    • Fixed bug that caused application to crash if an invalid path was in configuration file
    • M4 file export now includes carriage returns and indents for better readability
  • PIFF Version 2.3

    Released 12/4/2017

    • Added support for dates with Year - Month - Day formats
    • Added support for multiple dates per line
  • PIFF Version 2.2

    New Features

    • Create and submit M4 interrogation files to PTAGIS from raw transceiver data
    • Streamlined user interface
      • Contents of raw data files are displayed along with parsed Observation records
      • Selecting an Observation record highlights same record in raw file
      • Observation records can be filtered per file and selected for export
      • Multiple raw files can be combined into one interrogation file
      • No longer need to select device type before opening files
    • Easily adjust timestamps in a file and modify parsing options
    • Automatic software updates