How to request PIT tags using the Tag Distribution and Inventory (TDI) application

In the new Tag Distribution and Inventory application (TDI) one request equals one shipment. If you need tags shipped to two different locations, then you need to make two requests. If you need tags shipped to the same location at three different times throughout the year, you need to make three requests. You can request multiple tag types in one shipment as along as they are either both pre-loaded tags or both standard tags.

  1. Go to Tag Distribution Inventory, log in and follow the link to Manage Requests.
  2. Click the Add request button.Add Request
  3. Select your BPA Fish & Wildlife Project Number; enter a Do Not Ship Before and Do Not Ship After date; and enter the number of tags required.     Enter Request Info
  4. Check the appropriate box to leave shipping info blank for now, enter a new shipping address, or select an address that has been used previously.Enter Shipping Info
  5. When picking an address from shipping history, all previously used unique addresses will be displayed. If any addresses are no longer valid, click the Delete button to remove them from this list.Select from shipping history
  6. After all information has been entered click the Save Request button at the bottom of the screen. Once the request has been saved, a Submit button will become available. Click the Submit button to submit the request for review. You should receive an email message confirming that the request has been submitted. Please review it to make sure all details are correct.Submit request
  7. If tags are not needed for the current fiscal year, click the <I do not need tags this year> button. Select one or more projects from the list (only your BPA projects will be listed) and click the Submit button.No Tags NeededNo Tags Needed part 2