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Title Description Duration Time
Tour of Advanced Reporting

A brief overview of the Advanced Reporting system interface and features.

03:23 104
How to Use Query Builder 2

Learn how to use Query Builder 2 in the Advanced Reporting system to build, save, and export custom queries of the PTAGIS dataset.

9:09 105
How to Use Quick Reports

Learn how to use the new quick reports available under the Data menu on the new website.

06:35 106
How to Filter on Tag Code

Learn how to filter on PIT tag code using a list of tags or a saved report containing only tag codes.

07:05 107
Metrics in Advanced Reporting

Learn how to use metric objects in Advanced Reporting to find the last time, antenna and/or site on which a tag was detected.

07:17 108
How to Subscribe to a Report

Shows how to subscribe to run a report in Advanced Reporting on a schedule and receive results via email or the PTAGIS web API.

05:42 109
Download Coordinator Contact Information

Learn how to download MRR Project coordinator contact information for a PTAGIS reporting system results set.

03:12 110
Using the Obs Time Metric for Advanced Filtering

Learn how to use the Obs Time Metric and an user-created metric to find fish that were last detected at a particular site.

09:24 111
How to Set up Alerts

This video shows how to set up an alert subscription, which only sends an email when the specified condition in the query is met, such as when the first fish in a release group is detected at a particular interrogation site.

04:49 112