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PTAGIS develops and maintains robust custom data collection software to aid in the collection and submission of valid MRR and interrogation data. These software applications are available for free to anyone who wishes to use them to collect and/or submit PIT tag data to PTAGIS.


Tagging Software

Tagging software captures MRR data by interfacing with tag readers and other devices to provide an ergonomic and highly customizable data entry system to support various usages. Users can identify and correct issues while the fish is in-hand using real time validation and alerting. Authorized users can easily submit their datasets to PTAGIS using the software.



Time Period Files Accepted


1990 - 2003


2001 - 2009


4/16/2002 - 12/31/2018


9/28/2016 - Ongoing



Interrogation Software

Interrogation software combined with communication networks provide unattended operation and continuous recording of observation data in real-time. The central database processes hourly uploads of observation data from hundreds of sites operating this software.





Developed to run unattended on a Windows computer, it collects and submits interrogation data. File format to be discontinued after 2022.


Running primarily on main stem large-scale interrogation sites, M4 runs unattended to collect interrogation data and provides automatic diversion of target fish - Separation by Code - to examination tanks or towards a particular transportation treatment.


Software to collect and submit interrogation data unattended, and in some cases, control diversion gates in support of Separation by Code. M5 is a direct replacement for Minimon and M4. It was released for production use at PTAGIS managed interrogation sites September 2021, and will be released for external use during the first quarter of 2022.



Utility Software

PTAGIS provides utility software to import, standardize and submit raw interrogation data collected from the internal storage of a tag reader or from a data logger system operating at a small-scale interrogation site. PTAGIS also develops and supports internal software systems to perform data management, QA/QC, and performance regression testing of the interrogation software systems.





Imports raw data that has been downloaded from several types of transceivers and transforms those raw records into a MiniMon interrogation file.


Imports raw data that has been downloaded from all known types of transceivers and transforms those raw records into an M4 interrogation file. Also provides a method for submitting M4 interrogation files.


Connects to transceivers using serial or network protocols to download data directly and format into an M5 file for submission. Also allows importing previously downloaded data from text file. Includes data management, data editing, and file submission features. I5 is expected to be released for production use during the first quarter of 2022.

Version: 1.06

Published: 9/28/2022