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Data Policy

PIT tag data is submitted to PTAGIS in structured digital files, which are validated against the current file and data specifications. If both the file structure and the data contained within pass validation, the records are loaded into the database. The original digital file is stored in perpetuity in the PTAGIS file archive. The resulting database rows are stored in perpetuity in the PTAGIS database system and are made available to anyone via the PTAGIS website. Before contributing or using PTAGIS data, you must read and understand the following data policy.

By submitting MRR or interrogation data to PTAGIS, data contributors acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • All data loaded into the PTAGIS database are immediately available to be downloaded by anyone and can be used for analysis or publications.
  • Appropriate quality assurance measures should be taken to ensure data accuracy prior to submission.
  • Corrections to submitted data should be made in a timely manner.
  • Changes in personnel or contact information should be provided to PTAGIS in a timely manner.

By viewing or downloading MRR or interrogation data from PTAGIS, data users acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Data users should contact data contributors to gain context and to ensure that their intended use of the data is appropriate. This video demonstrates how to obtain contact information from a results set: View Video Tutorial
  • PTAGIS provides data collection and validation tools to data contributors, but it cannot guarantee the quality or completeness of data.
  • Data can be removed or changed by contributors at any time.