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M5 Interrogation Software


M5 software operates unattended at interrogation sites registered with PTAGIS, collecting and submitting observations of PIT tagged fish in near real-time. Please review the help file for more information about installing, configuring and operating this software.

M5 is comprised of multiple components, each with separate installers:

  • M5 Monitor Service is a long-running background service without a user interface that processes data from connected transceivers into files and uploads them to PTAGIS. Can be installed on Windows or Linux platforms.
  • M5 Control Panel is a client application (pictured above) used to configure and operate a connected M5 Monitor Service running on the same or different machine.
  • M5 File Manager is an application to correct and resubmit rejected M5 data files.
  • M5 Terminal Utility is an application used to configure transceivers and troubleshoot connections.

Installation Notes

†To determine if the target Raspberry PI OS is 32-bit or 64-bit, run getconf LONG_BIT as a shell command and then choose appropriate M5 Monitor Service Debian package (ARM for 32-bit or ARM64 for 64-bit).

‡Installing these Windows x64 applications with local admin priveleges allows choosing installation type of per-machine (everyone) or per-user (default for non-admin users) by clicking on the Install drop-down button and selecting the Config option.