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PTAGIS uses a set of standardized validation codes to ensure that PIT tag data from across the region is compatible. The codes are reviewed and approved by the PIT Tag Steering Committee (PTSC) and maintained by PTAGIS. Once a code has been added to the list of valid codes, it will not be removed.


The MRR Codes, MRR Projects and MRR Sites domains are for use with the MRR Data Specification. The Tag Mask domain is used to validate tag codes submitted for both MRR and interrogation data. The Interrogation Sites domain is made up of all interrogation sites that have been registered in PTAGIS, and associated metadata. The following sections describe the code domains and provide current lists of valid codes for each domain.


Validation Code Domain


MRR Codes

Code sets for describing fish being sampled, how they were handled and the organization responsible for the operation.

MRR Projects

Before a data contributor can submit MRR data to PTAGIS, a project must be created. A project has one coordinator, who is the person responsible for the tagging operation. The coordinator's contact information is available along with any of the data from that project. Coordinators can change over time.

MRR Sites

MRR Sites define locations where fish are tagged and/or released after tagging. A site can be defined as a stream or stream segment or or as a fixed location.

SRR Codes

A 3-character code to describe the Species, Run, and Rearing Type of the fish. The first character represents the species, the second character represents the run, and the third character represents the rearing type. Species, run and rear type codes are maintained in separate lists, but only a valid combination of the three, the SRR Code, is allowed to be used.

Tag Masks

PTAGIS records all PIT tag codes in a 3.10 hexadecimal format (e.g.3D9.1B2C123456). Tag code masks are used to validate PIT tag codes. The mask consists of the first three characters in the code (the manufacturer's code) and the next four characters after the period (e.g. 3D(.1B2C). If a tag code is submitted to PTAGIS where the first seven characters do not match one of the known masks, that record is loaded into PTAGIS, but is marked as unknown and filtered automatically out of the reporting system.




If you are a data contributor or are interested in becoming one and need to add a new project, site, or validation code, you may request to add one. Registered users can submit a request by logging in to the dashboard and clicking Validation Codes in the left navigation bar. From there, select the type of code you would like to request, complete and submit the form. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation and it will then be reviewed by the PTSC who may ask for more information or approve the request. Once approved, PTAGIS will implement the new code and it will then be available for use. If you have a question about adding a new site or validation code, please contact your PTSC representative before submitting a new request.




Version: 1.07

Published: 9/6/2023