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Contributing Data to PTAGIS

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PTAGIS welcomes the addition of PIT tag data from new contributors working in the Columbia River Basin (CRB). PTAGIS is unable to accept data from outside the basin, unless there is a demonstrated or likely chance that PIT tags originating in the CRB will be detected there or vice versa. If the mixing of CRB and non-CRB fish has been demonstrated or is likely, the PIT Tag Steering Committee will consider accepting data from outside the CRB on a case-by-case basis.


If you are new to PIT tagging or PTAGIS please review the MRR and Interrogation data sections of this document for general information about the PIT tag data model as implemented in PTAGIS. Several videos are available in the Video Library that provide a good overview of procedures for tagging fish and the operation of interrogation sites at hydropower facilities. You should also review the PTAGIS Data Policy which covers both data contributors and data users.


If you will be tagging fish with PIT tags, you will also want to review the Mark Procedures Manual. If you are purchasing tags outside the BPA Fish & Wildlife program, you'll want to review the FAQ about how to select a PIT tag to purchase.


Before you can contribute MRR data to PTAGIS, you'll need to make sure that both your organization and your MRR project are defined in PTAGIS. You should also check that the locations where you will be tagging and/or releasing fish are defined and that the existing species and other validation codes will meet your needs. See the Sites and Validation Codes section for more information.


Before you can contribute interrogation data to PTAGIS, you'll need to make sure that your organization is defined in PTAGIS. You'll also want to review the interrogation site metadata standards to learn more about the information we need in order to register your interrogation site in PTAGIS and begin accepting data.


You should also review the MRR and interrogation data and file specifications, download and install relevant software, and sign up for the PTAGIS newsletter.



Checklist for contributing data to PTAGIS:

Read MRR and Interrogation data sections of this document

View the videos in the PTAGIS video library

If tagging fish, read the Mark Procedures Manual and how to select a PIT tag to purchase

Check that your organization, project, sites and validation codes are defined in PTAGIS and request to add them if they are not

If setting up an interrogation site, read about required metadata for interrogation sites

Review and understand the data and file specifications

Download and install the appropriate software

Collect and submit data to PTAGIS

Version: 1.07

Published: 9/6/2023