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Origins of PIT Tags for Fish

A short film covering the origins of using PIT tags in fish in the Columbia River Basin, as remembered by Earl Prentice.

19:31 0

This tour follows the life journey of the fish to tell the story of PTAGIS. You'll see how PTAGIS tracks fish marked with a PIT tag, and makes valuable data accessible to researchers seeking information about fish movement and behavior. The tour was originally an interactive flash application, but has been converted into a video following the discontinuation of Adobe Flash in January 2021. There is no sound in this video.

19:29 1
PIT Tagging Best Practices

Demonstrates the best practices for PIT-tagging juvenile salmonids, as recommended by the PIT Tag Steering Committee.

27:18 2
PIT Tag Detection at McNary Dam

Shows the PIT tag detection systems and Separation by Code control gates at McNary Dam.

11:37 4
I5 Tutorial

Learn how to use the new interrogation software utility to download data from an interrogation site, QA and edit the records, and submit an interrogation file to PTAGIS.

12:36 5
I5 v1.3.0 Update

A demonstration of the new features available in I5 version 1.3.0.

05:27 6
Tour of Advanced Reporting

A brief overview of the Advanced Reporting system interface and features.

03:23 104
How to Use Query Builder 2

Learn how to use Query Builder 2 in the Advanced Reporting system to build, save, and export custom queries of the PTAGIS dataset.

9:09 105
How to Use Quick Reports

Learn how to use the new quick reports available under the Data menu on the new website.

06:35 106
How to Filter on Tag Code

Learn how to filter on PIT tag code using a list of tags or a saved report containing only tag codes.

07:05 107
Metrics in Advanced Reporting

Learn how to use metric objects in Advanced Reporting to find the last time, antenna and/or site on which a tag was detected.

07:17 108
How to Subscribe to a Report

Shows how to subscribe to run a report in Advanced Reporting on a schedule and receive results via email or the PTAGIS web API.

05:42 109
Download Coordinator Contact Information

Learn how to download MRR Project coordinator contact information for a PTAGIS reporting system results set.

03:12 110
Using the Obs Time Metric for Advanced Filtering

Learn how to use the Obs Time Metric and an user-created metric to find fish that were last detected at a particular site.

09:24 111
How to Set up Alerts

This video shows how to set up an alert subscription, which only sends an email when the specified condition in the query is met, such as when the first fish in a release group is detected at a particular interrogation site.

04:49 112
P4 Overview

A brief overview of the P4 tagging software interface and features.

08:35 207
Configure a PIT Tag Reader in P4

Learn how to configure a PIT tag reader, such as the HPR Plus, to scan PIT tag codes directly into P4.

05:10 208
Configure Input Devices in P4

Learn how to configure input devices, such as balances and calipers, to enter data directly into P4.

06:13 209
Configure Digitizer Tablet and Map in P4

Learn how to configure a digitizer tablet and map to enter data into and control P4 during data entry.

07:51 210
Project Defined Fields in P4

Learn about the fields you can use in P4 for project-specific data that does not fit into standard PTAGIS fields.

04:30 211
Repeating Values in P4

Learn how to configure and use Repeating Values to automatically enter default values during data collection or import.

07:35 212
Data Entry Layouts in P4

Learn how to customize the P4 data entry form to add, remove, or arrange fields as needed for your project.

07:00 213
Tag Lists and Tag Actions in P4

Learn how to set up P4 to alert you or change a value automatically when specified tags are scanned in during data entry.

10:29 214
Profiles in P4

Learn how to use Profiles to configure how P4 behaves and which devices to use during data entry.

08:42 215
Validation Codes in P4

Learn how to download PTAGIS validation codes and add custom validation codes in P4, along with how to request new codes.

04:09 216
Importing Data into P4

Learn how to import P3 files, P4 files, delimited files, and raw reader output into P4

11:36 217
Backup and Transfer Data in P4

Learn how to back up tagging and configuration data in P4 and transfer data to a new computer.

07:27 218
Data Collection in P4

Demonstrates most of the features available in P4 for use during data collection or entry.

17:20 219
How to Dot Out Shed Tags

Learn how to dot out the records from all original tagging sessions of those fish who died or shed their tags before release.

04:39 220
Editing and Validating Data

Learn how to edit and validate PIT tag data in P4.

12:06 221
Submitting Data to PTAGIS

Learn how to submit MRR data to PTAGIS using P4.

05:18 222
Querying PIT Tag Data in P4

Learn how to use Query Management in P4 to query across all PIT tag data in the local installation of P4.

05:07 223