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PIT Tag Workshops - 2024

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2024 PIT Tag Workshop

January 30 - February 1, 2024
Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA

The 2024 PIT Tag Workshop gathered over 230 attendees together from 45 different organizations, based both inside and outside the Columbia River Basin, to share PIT tag related presentations and posters, attend training, network, and learn from each other over the course of two and half days.

2024 Workshop Presentations

Opening Presentations

Wilbur Slockish Invocation and Opening Words from Chief of the Klickitat Abstract                       
John Tenney Origins on the Use of PIT Tags in Fisheries: A Retrospective Video Abstract Video

New Technology

Gabriel Brooks A Brief Summary of NOAA Fisheries PIT Tag Technology Advancements Abstract Presentation

Data Analysis and Modeling

James Faulkner Modeling Estuary and Ocean Survival of Pacific Salmon Using a Temporally-Stratified Mark-Recapture-Recovery Approach that Accounts for Avian Predation and Age of Return Abstract Presentation
Jason Neuswanger A Method to Compute Adult Anadromous Salmonid Abundance by PIT Tagging Juvenile Outmigrants Abstract Presentation
Dalton Hance The Value of Time and the Perils of Aggregation in PIT Tag Survival Analyses Abstract Presentation

Detection Methods

Jeffrey K. Fryer The Use of Three Types of PIT Tag Antennas at Zosel Dam on the Okanogan River Abstract Presentation
Joseph H. Vinarcsik Columbia River Estuary PIT Detection Project- Towed Methodologies Abstract Presentation
Stephani Clark Barkalow Applications of a Floating PIT Tag Antenna Detection System in Desert Riverscapes Abstract Presentation
Kara E. Jaenecke Comparing Stationary and Towed PIT Interrogation Methods for Detecting Juvenile Salmonids in the Lower Columbia River Estuary Abstract Presentation

Survival Monitoring

Steve Whitlock Trends in PIT-Tag Data Availability for Juvenile Snake River Pacific Salmon: How Structural, Environmental, and Operational Changes Have Influenced the Capacity to Monitor Hydrosystem Survival From 1998 to 2023 Abstract Presentation
Jesse Lamb 30-Years of Monitoring Wild Snake River Spring/Summer Chinook Parr Using PIT Tags Abstract Presentation
Benjamin Sandford Migration Timing and Survival of Wild Chinook Salmon Using PIT-Detection at the Marsh Creek Instream Array Abstract Presentation
Lora Tennant Delayed Emigration of Juvenile Steelhead and Its Impact on Survival Estimates Abstract Presentation

Management and Monitoring

Jason Vogel Snake Basin In-Season Management of Salmon, Steelhead, and Coho Tribal and State Fisheries Utilizing PIT Tags Abstract Presentation
Bill Bosch Emigration and Survival of Hatchery-Reared Coho Salmon Released as Parr and Smolts in a Reintroduction Program Abstract Presentation
Peter Cleary Use of Seasonal Instream PIT Tag Detection Systems in Lower Clearwater and Salmon River Tributaries Abstract Presentation
Michael Kosinski Utilizing PIT Tag Arrays to Evaluate Translocated Adult Pacific Lamprey in the Clearwater River Basin, ID Abstract Presentation
Virginia White Salmonid Habitat Usage and Movement in Restored and Unrestored Reaches Abstract Presentation

Research Related to Tags

Kathleen Hemeon PIT Tag Ingestion: the Curious Fate of Shed Tags in Salmonid Hatcheries Abstract Presentation
Ken TIffan Performance of Subyearling Fall Chinook Salmon Tagged With 8-, 9-, And 12-mm Passive Integrated Transponder Tags in the Snake River Abstract Presentation
Douglas Peterson Retention of Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Tags in Hatchery Brook Trout: Effect of Tag Size, Implantation Site, and Double Tagging Abstract Presentation
Ken Tiffan A Field Evaluation of the Growth and Survival of Age-0 Oncorhynchus mykiss Tagged with 8-mm Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Tags Abstract Presentation

Data Collection and Management

John Tenney Recent Accomplishments of the PTAGIS Program Abstract Presentation
Erin Benham Development of a Klamath Basin Fisheries Collaborative Database that is Interoperable with PTAGIS: Supporting Within and Across Basin Collaboration Abstract                       
Elliot Koontz A Model of a Regional PIT-Tag Data Management System in the Puget Sound Abstract Presentation

Instream Interrogation Sites

Kyle Meier Instream PIT Array Communications - Types, Schemes, and Lessons Learned Abstract Presentation
Kevin See Wrangling and Preparing PIT Tag Data using PITcleanr Abstract Presentation
Matthew Stilwater Remote Power Systems for PIT Tag Arrays Abstract Presentation
Gabriel Brooks Demystifying PIT Antennas: From Theory to Practice Abstract Presentation
Derrek Faber Efficient Integration of Raspberry Pi with M5 Software for uploading site interrogation data to PTAGIS Abstract Presentation
Derrek Faber Instream PIT Tag Detection Session Introduction Abstract Presentation
Ian Jezorek Early Days Instream: A Retrospective Visit to the Challenges and Evolution of the Rattlesnake Creek PIT-Tag Detection Site Abstract Presentation
Marika Dobos PTAGIS Data Analysis: Transforming Raw Data into Research Insights Abstract Presentation

Concurrent Training

Nicole Tancreto PTAGIS Reporting Tools Abstract                       
Matthew Stilwater Remote Power Systems for PIT Tag Arrays Hands-On Abstract                       
Kyle Meier Instream PIT Array Communications – Network and Device Configurations Abstract                       
Gabriel Brooks Hands-On PIT Antenna Workshop: From Design to Deployment Abstract                       
Kevin See Hands-on Training - Wrangling and Preparing PIT Tag Data using PITcleanr Abstract                       
Derrek Faber Practical Workshop: Configuring Raspberry Pi for M5 Software and PTAGIS Connectivity Abstract                       
Nicole Tancreto PTAGIS Tagging Software Abstract                       

2024 Workshop Posters


James Harbeck Birds of a Feather Excrete PIT Tags Together: Twenty Years of Salmonid Mortality from an Eastern Oregon Great Blue Heron Rookery Abstract Poster          
Patrick Zubick Sockeye Salmon Reintroduction to the Canadian Columbia River – Lessons from Small-Scale PIT Tag Releases Abstract Poster          
Macus Ong From Fry to Freedom: Tracing the Odyssey of Sockeye Salmon in the Okanagan Basin Abstract Poster          
Tobyn Rhodes Methods And Techniques For PIT Tagging Large Numbers of Small Juvenile Salmonids Abstract Poster          
Danielle Grundy Combining Parentage Analysis with PIT-Based Estimates to Evaluate Stray Rates and Smolt-to-Adult Survival of Hatchery Coho Salmon (O. kisutch) Released from Multiple Sites within the Methow River Basin Abstract Poster          
Adam Palik Nitrogen Purging as a Method of Restoring Function to Water-Intruded Flexible PIT Antenna Cable, 2023 Abstract Poster          
Benjamin Sandford Effects of Juvenile Barge Transportation on Snake River Sockeye Salmon Survival Abstract Poster          
Craig Contor Using PIT Tags to Estimate Pelican Predation of Smolts in the Umatilla River Abstract Poster          
Paul Bentley Observations of White Sturgeon Behavior at Four Pile Dikes in the Columbia River Estuary Abstract Poster          
Samantha Smith All for One, and One P4 for All: Centralizing P4 for Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Abstract Poster          
Matthew S. Morris Pile Dike PIT Interrogation in the Columbia River Estuary, 2023 Abstract Poster