The Instream PIT Tag Detection System (IPTDS) Subcommittee held a meeting on March 24, 2021. The subcommittee reviewed the draft document intended to provide site managers a method to produce standard site diagrams for small scale interrogation sites. The proposed method requires only Google Earth and Microsoft Powerpoint to show estimated high and low water lines, antenna arrangement, and direction of water flow over a satellite image of the location. The document also describes how to create a stream bottom profile using measurements at the site and Excel to produce a visual representation of water depth in relation to antenna location and read range.

The subcommittee discussed the possibility of loading device diagnostic and/or environmental data into PTAGIS to provide more information to data users and help site managers maintain sites. The group decided to start with virtual timer tags as these data are already imported into PTAGIS. The group also decided to work on a series of guidance documents that would be available through the PTAGIS website and provide best practices on specific aspects of building and maintaining instream interrogation sites. It was also decided that Gabriel Brooks and Ben Truscott would remain co-chairs for another year. Please see the meeting notes for more details.