On September 15, 2021, the PTAGIS interrogation data processing system was upgraded to accept production data in the new M5 file format. On that same date, PTAGIS Kennewick O&M staff upgraded the data collection platforms at two interrogation sites to begin collecting data using M5.

The data collection platform upgrades include:

  • Replacement of consumer-grade PCs with industrial PCs running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC
  • Replacement of serial communications equipment with Ethernet-based counterparts
  • Replacement of lead-acid UPS systems with SCADA-ready lithium battery models
  • SCADA real-time monitoring
  • Replacement of obsolete PLCs that are no longer supported by the manufacturer

O&M staff will continue to roll out these upgrades across the 30 PTAGIS-managed interrogation sites over the 2021-2022 winter. As of October 5, eight sites have been upgraded and are now collecting and submitting production interrogation data using M5.

M5 software will be released to the general PTAGIS community in the next few months and can be used as a direct replacement for Minimon.

PTAGIS will also be releasing a new utility software in the next few months, called I5, as a replacement for PIFF. I5 has features that allows users to connect directly to transceivers, download stored tag detections, format the records as an M5 file and submit that file to PTAGIS for processing. It also includes features to filter out already submitted data from a buffer download and edit values such as antenna IDs or timestamps in case of equipment resets or other issues.

New PLC enclosure ready to be installed at Lower Monumental Dam when it is upgraded this winter.

New PLC enclosure ready to be installed at Lower Monumental Dam when it is upgraded this winter.

The PTAGIS Data Specification has been updated to include specifications for the M5 file, with information on how to construct an M5 file and submit it to PTAGIS using the Web API

For more information about these upgrades, please feel free to contact us.