A new PTAGIS interrogation utility software application, called I5, has been released. This application is intended to replace PIFF, PIFF 2 and MiniMon for downloading stored data from interrogation site transceivers, formatting the observation records, and submitting those records to PTAGIS.

I5 allows users to connect directly to transceivers or controllers via serial or ethernet protocols and download the data into a Site Dataset in I5. The Site Dataset keeps track of all previously downloaded records and records that have already been submitted to PTAGIS in an interrogation file. This allows the user to download from transceivers multiple times, yet still only submit unique new records. 

I5 also allows the user to validate the records and make some edits, such as changing antenna IDs or adjusting timestamps, in case the detection equipment lost power or was somehow reset back to factory defaults. After validation and editing, the user can then submit those records in a file to PTAGIS for loading into the database. I5 keeps track of that submission and reports the final status of the file after it is processed.

I5 features an integrated help system to assist new users with getting started, and we will be publishing a tutorial video in the next couple of weeks. Please download I5 here and view the help here.