PTAGIS will be retiring the MiniMon file format later this year. PTAGIS promoted a new interrogation file format into production last year and it has been in use at most of the PTAGIS maintained sites since fall 2021 when the sites were upgraded to the latest interrogation software, M5. This February, we released an interrogation data utility, called I5, that allows users to connect to transceivers at their interrogation sites to download stored data, format the data into the M5 file format and submit the file to PTAGIS for processing. With these changes we are ready to move forward with our plans to retire file submissions by email and FTP, which also requires retiring the MiniMon file format.

For those still using PIFF or PIFF2 to format interrogation data for submission to PTAGIS, we recommend transitioning to using I5 at this time. I5 can be downloaded here, and a tutorial video is available.

A community release of M5 is coming soon which can replace MiniMon installations that may still be in place. Along with the regular release for Windows 10/11, there will also be a Linux version that is capable of running on low-powered devices such as a Raspberry Pi. An evaluation of M5 running on a Raspberry Pi is underway at a few remote instream locations. Please contact us ASAP to participate in evaluating M5 before it is released for production.