The IPTDS Subcommittee held the annual meeting on January 4, 2023. The meeting notes have been published and are available to view in the PTAGIS Document Library.

Derrek Faber, presented a SOPs for setting up a Raspberry Pi at remote instream sites running M5 and will send a new draft to the Subcommittee for review prior to the next meeting.

Nicole Tancreto updated the Subcommittee about progress made on the metadata management tools and diagnostic reports available to site stewards. Stewards can now update all site metadata using the Manage Sites tools on the website dashboard. A timer tag report is also available to stewards and site technicians. I5 has been updated to process short noise reports (NRPs).

Marika Dobos joined the meeting to discuss the PIT Tag Array task that the PNAMP Fish Monitoring Work group is working on.

Kyle Meier presented information about the Biomark BioProbe, which was developed to replace the CR1000 data logger for sites using the FS1001M multiplexor. It can also act as a datalogger for many different environmental sensors.

Gabriel Brooks discussed a proposed firmware modification for IS1001 devices to allow the master controller to power down a reader and asked the community to contact him with any additional firmware modification requests.

Derrek Faber volunteered to become the Subcommittee chair, with Carley Simpson as a co-chair.