The annual PIT Tag Steering Committee (PTSC) was held online on February 3, 2023. The meeting notes can be viewed in the Document Library along with meeting notes from all previous annual meetings.

John Tenney provided an overview of PTAGIS Portland accomplishments in 2022 and plans for 2023. Highlights include:

  • Started work on P5 (upgrade of P4 tagging software)
  • Released M5 interrogation software which is running at all PTAGIS sites except for most SbyC sites
  • Successfully evaulated M5 and other SbyC features at LMJ 
  • Released community version of M5 that is capable of running on Linux, tested on Raspberry Pi
  • Added interrogation site metadata management tools to the website
  • For 2023, planning to migrate to the cloud
  • Also in 2023, coordinating PIT Tag Workshop for 2024

Don Warf provided an overview of PTAGIS Kennewick accomplishments in 2022 and plans for 2023. Highlights include:

  • Completed relocation of antennas and PIT tag room for the Bonneville Dam Cascades Island ladder(BO2)
  • Submitted 90% design for Bonneville Powerhouse 1 Ice and Trash sluiceway automated date detection system, which may work for at McNary Dam TSWs
  • Participating in Bonneville Dam Washington Shore ladder serpentine section remodel
  • Developed thin body antenna using NOAA-designed cable
  • Plan to replace pneumatic gates at Lower Granite with electric gates winter 2023/2024
  • Completed Klickitat Hatchery remodel PIT tag equipment design, work to start in 2023
  • Easton Dam will become operational in 2023 and PTAGIS will install electronics and take over O&M when completed
  • Plan to complete PIT tag infrastructure design for Cle Elum Dam in 2023

The committee also heard updates on the IPTDS Subcommittee, the NOAA R&D project, BPA PIT tag RFO planning, and a tool for working with PTAGIS query results. See the meeting notes for details.