A few major milestones in securing and modernizing the PTAGIS network were accomplished this year. The PTAGIS FTP site, MiniMon and email data submissions have all been retired as of February 14, 2023.

The FTP site has been used for many years to provide anonymous access to PIT tag data files and other resources. It was also used for data submissions from PTAGIS software and to retrieve files exported from the PTAGIS advanced reporting system. Data files can now be retrieved manually by logging in to the PTAGIS website and navigating to Data Files > Interrogation Files or MRR Files on the dashboard, or programmatically by using the web API Interrogation Data File or MRR Data File endpoints.

Exports from the PTAGIS advanced reporting system can now be accessed manually through the MicroStrategy Exports link on the website dashboard or programmatically through the web API reporting endpoints. For more information about using the web API to retrieve report exports, see this FAQ. For more information about subscribing to a report to have it run on a schedule and be made available through the API, see this tutorial video.

MiniMon interrogation software was retired at the beginning of the year and email data submissions in the MiniMon file format were discontinued at the end of January. All interrogation data file submissions must now come from I5, M5, or via the web API interrogation submission endpoints in M5 file format.

These changes to eliminate anonymous FTP access and email data submissions have gone a long way to securing the PTAGIS network and modernizing data submission and processing systems. Thanks to all the community members who changed how they submitted and accessed files to allow us to make these milestones happen.