PTAGIS changed the codes and names of six MRR sites that represent creeks that originally had the sq-- word in the name but have since been changed. The change was approved by the PIT Tag Steering Committee and was completed on March 20, 2023.

The site codes and names have been changed in the database, but not in the data files. All data previously associated with any of the old codes, is now only associated with the new codes and names. If you collect data at any of these locations, you will need to submit the records using the new site codes. If you query the data at any of these locations, you will need to replace the old site codes in the report filter with the new site codes.

The old site codes are still in the MRR site validation codes list for backwards compatibility but have now been marked as Archaic. The GIS data is currently undergoing revision and will be updated to match the current names soon.

The table below shows the old site codes and the new codes and names. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Old Site Code New Site Code New Site Name
SQAW2C PAASNA Paasasikwana Naokwaide, Salmon River
SQAW3C WALALC Walaluuks Creek, Rock Creek (WA) watershed, Columbia River
SQAWC ISQUUC Isqúulktpe Creek, Umatilla River
SQUAWC WAWAAC Waw’aalamnime Creek, Lochsa River
SQUAWP PAANAP Paasasikwana Naokwaide Pond
SQAW4C WIWAAC Wíwaanaytt Creek, Middle Fork John Day River Basin