The PTAGIS website was recently updated to fix a few bugs, improve guidance text on how some dashboard features work, and to add a feature for requesting to add new interrogation sites to PTAGIS.

The new process to request an interrogation site can be completed by logging into the website, navigating to Interrogation Sites > Request Site on the dashboard and clicking the Create Site Request link.

Start the process by completing the site Details section, which includes the proposed site code, name, description, site type and organization responsible for its operation. Other sections that need to be completed include the operational start date, site configuration, diagram, data submission notifications, site contacts and site location. Once all required sections have been completed, the request can be submitted to the PIT Tag Steering Committee (PTSC) for review.

A notification email will be sent to the requester identifying the PTSC member who is responsible for reviewing and responding to the request. Once reviewed the PTSC member can mark the request as Approved if they approve its addition to PTAGIS or Needs More Info if they have questions or would like to see additional information in the request. A site request can also be marked as Cancelled if it is not approved by the PTSC or needs to be withdrawn for some other reason. In all cases, the requester will receive an email notification about the PTSC decision.

Site requests that have been approved will be added to PTAGIS within a day or two of approval and the site contacts notified. Site requests marked as Need More Info will need to be updated by the requester and resubmitted for review.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how to request a new interrogation site or about any of the information that is required.