The IPTDS Subcommittee held an online meeting on May 25, 2023.

After reviewing the action items from the previous meeting and a brief round robin, Ryan Kinzer presented about several tools used for abundance modelling with instream PIT tag data, primarily PITcleanR and how it can be used to select and summarize PIT tag data for use in the STADEM and DABOM models.

John Tenney then discussed recent updates to M5 and I5 software tools, along with the release of an online process to request new interrogation sites be added to PTAGIS. He also discussed the upcoming 2024 PIT Tag Workshop, scheduled for the end of January 2024, and how the IPTDS Subcommittee can be involved.

Kyle Meier gave an update from Biomark about transceiver availability, new PIT tags in development, and several other hardware and software developments that are in progress. 

See the meeting notes for more details.