The Adult Ladders quick report was updated today to change how the First Obs Time and Last Obs Time values are displayed. These fields previously displayed the first and last observation times within the selected Time Period. For example, if the Last Day was the selected Time Period but a fish had first been detected 5 days earlier, the First Obs Time would display the first time it was detected during the last day, instead of the first time it was detected 5 days ago. 

These fields have been replaced with First Obs Time This Ladder and Last Obs Time This Ladder, which will show the first and last time overall the fish was detected at any of the interrogation sites monitoring the ladder. For all reports run in the current calendar year, the Last Obs Time This Ladder will be the same as it was before. It will show a different value if the report is run for a previous calendar year and a fish was detected both in that year and in a later year.

The screenshot below shows an example of two records from the Last Day time period (as run on June 16, 2023) that were first detected at Bonneville Dam on dates earlier than June 15, 2023.

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