The PIT Tag Steering Committee (PTSC) held its annual meeting on February 2, 2024, at Skamania Lodge after the conclusion of the PIT Tag Workshop. Topics discussed during the meeting include: 

  • Updates from the Portland and Kennewick PTAGIS offices
  • Inclusion of the Pend Oreille region in PTAGIS
  • Update on the NOAA R&D project
  • Workshop debrief
  • Updating the Marking Procedure manual
  • Updating the PTSC Charter
  • O&M of the Rapid River Hatchery interrogation site (RPJ)
  • PIT tag mask evaluation and approval process
  • Timestamp correction for large number of observation records
  • Request for PTAGIS to store data used for research papers
  • Request to PIT tag rocks
  • Request to incorporate Puget Sound data into PTAGIS

The meeting notes from this meeting are now available to download. Please contact us or a PTSC member if you have any questions or comments.