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PIT Tag Workshops - 2015

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2015 PIT Tag Workshop

January 27-29, 2015
Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA

2015 Workshop Presentations

Opening Presentations

Tiffani Marsh A review of the 2014 Marking Procedures Manual Abstract Presentation
John Tenney Recent PTAGIS accomplishments and future direction Abstract Presentation

Research and Monitoring Applications

Ethan Crawford Utilizing PIT tags to asses spatial and temporal distribution of spawning adult summer steelhead in Asotin Creek, Washington Abstract Presentation
Nicholas Albrecth Seasonal usage of off‐channel habitats in the Entiat River by juvenile Chinook salmon Abstract Presentation
David W. Speas Use of a passive interrogation array to evaluate entrainment of endangered fish in an irrigation canal Abstract Presentation
John Winkowski Summer movements of juvenile salmonids in the upper Chehalis River Abstract Presentation
Trevor Johnson Population and individual‐level metrics for over‐wintering juvenile Coho in three adjacent tributaries in the lower Columbia River Abstract Presentation
Patrick J. Connolly New approaches afforded by PIT tag technology have yielded important answers about fish behavior and habitat needs Abstract Presentation
Josh Murauskas Use of passive integrated transponder technology to improve hatchery mitigation in the Columbia River Basin Abstract Presentation
Gabriel M. Temple Understanding O. mykiss life history diversity using a combination of PIT tags and genetic parentage assignments Abstract Presentation

Data Modeling and Analysis

Thomas Buehrens Estimates of salmon and steelhead harvest rates in lower Columbia River fisheries based on the recovery of passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags Abstract Presentation
Michael B. Ward Multi‐state model of Entiat River spring Chinook to estimate seasonal survival and outmigration rate Abstract Presentation
Dan Rawding Columbia River steelhead life cycle modeling based on PIT tags Abstract Presentation
Rebecca Buchanan TribPit: estimating salmonid cohort survival during juvenile outmigration Abstract Presentation
Chris Bare Estimating Chinook escapement in the John Day River basin using a mark‐recapture approach Abstract Presentation
Benjamin Sandford Examining the effects of juvenile migration timing, hydropower‐system passage type, and environmental factors on adult age‐at‐return of PIT‐tagged Snake River spring/summer Chinook salmon Abstract Presentation

Tag Effects

Michael B. Ward Tagging size restrictions: evidence for effect on survival of fish less than 60 mm and effect on survival estimates Abstract Presentation
Jeffrey K. Fryer Experiments in double tagging (coded wire tag plus PIT tag) juvenile Hanford Reach fall Chinook salmon Abstract Presentation
Craig Rabe and Kenneth F. Tiffan Survival, growth, and tag retention in age‐0 Chinook salmon implanted with 8.0 mm, 9.0 mm, and 12.0 mm PIT tags Abstract Presentation
Keith B. DeHart Comparing detectability of 9 and 12mm PIT tags in the Middle Fork John Day River Abstract Presentation
Jeffrey K. Fryer Effects of PIT tagging upstream migrating adult Columbia Basin sockeye salmon Abstract Presentation

Detection Methods

Mark C. McKinstry Development and testing of a floating PIT tag antenna detection system Abstract Presentation
Matthew S. Morris A 2.4‐ by 6.1‐m flexible antenna for detecting full‐duplex passive integrated transponder tagged fish Abstract Presentation
David W. Speas Use of submersible PIT antennas to augment endangered fish active‐capture surveys Abstract Presentation
Gordon Axel Evaluation of a prototype spillway transceiver Abstract Presentation
N. Phil Peterson Vertical antenna arrays: A prototype system for full water column detection Abstract Presentation
Gabriel Kopp Expanding from creeks to hydroelectric diversion facilities – construction and in situ evaluation of large half‐duplex PIT tag antennas to evaluate fish entrainment at high velocity water diversions Abstract Presentation
Robert Stewart PIT tag reader synchronization, multiplexing and data logging innovations Abstract Presentation
Steve Anglea Biomark's IS1001‐MTS reader platform ‐ into the river Abstract Presentation

Open Forum on Tributary Detection Infrastructure

Chris Jordan Longterm planning for design, implementation and maintenance of instream detection systems across the Columbia Basin Presentation

Other PIT Tag Applications

Mark C. McKinstry Use of PIT tag antennas to test a weir designed to reduce entrainment of endangered fish in canals Abstract Presentation
Dalton Hance The use of PIT tags in small streams and non‐migratory fish Abstract Presentation
Kevin Poole Monitoring fluvial bull trout migration and movements in the Lemhi River Subbasin, Idaho: integrating PIT tag technology with radio telemetry Abstract Presentation
Richard D. Ledgerwood Sturgeon site fidelity near a pile dike in the Columbia River Estuary Abstract Presentation
Rolland R. O'Connor Evaluation of prototype fish passage structures in the Lower Granite Dam juvenile fish bypass system – juvenile Pacific lamprey results 2013‐2014 Abstract Presentation

Data Management and Coordination

Benjamin Warren From needles to numbers: electronic data collection and data exchange of steelhead smolt counts, biological data, and passive integrated transponder tag codes Abstract Presentation
Samuel Haffey A model for improved data access through an integrated data management system Abstract Presentation
Al Giorgi The PIT Tag Forecaster; a new database system to aid investigators and managers Abstract Presentation

P4 Preview

John Tenney Next generation tagging software and data model preview Abstract Presentation


Michael Herr Assessing spatial and temporal distribution of spawning adult summer steelhead using PIT interrogation data Abstract Poster
Siena Lopez‐Johnston Cascades Island Lamprey Passage Structure: evaluating passage and migration following structure modifications Abstract N/A
Patrick A. Monk and Jeff Thomas Evaluating adult bull trout passage at Clear Creek Dam, Yakima County, WA Abstract N/A
Jeffrey K. Fryer Experiments in the use of video to monitor outmigrating Columbia River juvenile salmonids at Bonneville and McNary Dams Abstract N/A
Kurt Steinke Performance of Biomark's IS1001 transceiver by antenna wire type and tag duplex type Abstract Poster
Rob Randall Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) use of the Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge Wetland Complex, 2013‐2014 Abstract N/A
Skyeler Folks Telemetry applications in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada Abstract Poster
PTAGIS Columbia Basin PIT Tag Information System N/A Poster
PTAGIS You've Been Busy in 2014! N/A Poster
PTAGIS Adult ladder PIT tag detection efficiency 2014 N/A Poster